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The vocal consort Per Passione was formed during the Summer of 2007 and consists of five, predominantly young, singers: two sopranos, a contralto, a tenor and a bass. The group is lead by its tenor, Erik K. Knudsen, and has its base in Aarhus, Denmark.
The bulk of our repertoire is centred on the vocal music of the renaissance and the early baroque, but we also occasionally sing pieces of earlier or later origin. Within these boundaries, our range is broad: we aim to be able to present juicy erotic madrigals from Italy with the same intensity and passion as we use in our vocalisation of the wonderfully exquisite and solemn motets from the golden age of vocal polyphony.
Learn more about our repertoire reading about our current projects.

The church being our main concert venue, Per Passione also sing e.g. at private parties, at museums - and whereever else we find that the accoustics is appropriate and the audience is ready.
Contact us if you would like to engage the ensemble in connection with a concert or other arrangement.

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