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Anna Maria Wierød
Anna Maria Wierød
Charlotte Glavind-Teute (b. 1969) completed her training as a singer and singing teacher in 2002 at The Danish Royal Academy of Music in Aalborg, where her teachers had included Ulla Wang and Ingelise Suppli. She has participated in numerous masterclasses both in Denmark and abroad; taught among others by Aage Haugland, Helga Wagner, Tonny Landi, Kerstin Meyer and Loa Falkman.
Outside Per Passione, Charlotte is engaged as a singer in a great many contexts; e.g. with the classical ensemble trioAmoc and the choir Vokalensemblet Gaia. Since 2007 she has been singing with The Danish National Broadcasting Choir.
Charlotte has been engaged as a soloist, an ensemble--singer and a chorister in many and various connections. When not giving concerts, she works as a music- and singing teacher.
Charlotte has been singing with Per Passione since the Summer of 2011.

Visit Charlotte's personal website  here.
Charlotte Glavind-Teute
Charlotte Glavind-Teute
Erik K. Knudsen (b. 1979) holds a BA in musicology from Aarhus University in 2007 and is currently writing his research degree dissertation on Monteverdi's music at the same institution. In 2009, he conducted postgraduate studies at the University of York in England (link), under supervision of baroque-specialist Peter Seymour.
Concurrently with his academic studies, Erik has received vocal tuition from, among others, Lars Thodberg Bertelsen, Inger Wierød, Yvonne Seymour and Jens Krogsgaard. He has participated in a number of conducting courses and courses in Renaissance music; led by among others Michael Procter, Glenda Simpson, Edward Wickham and Oliver Hirsh. He has been engaged as a soloist on numerous occasions: in March 2012 among other things in a highly unconventional production of Purcell's 'Dido and Aeneas': in a public swimming pool in Grenaa!
When not singing or studying, Erik conducts the choir Fortuna-koret from Silkeborg.

Erik founded Per Passione back in 2007, and is still the leader of the ensemble.
Erik K. Knudsen
Erik K. Knudsen
tenor &
Jesper Schneidelbach (b. 1951) started singing in Herning Kirkes Drengekor (the Boys' Choir of Herning Church) as a boy soprano more than fifty years ago. Since then, he has been singing continually and with many different choirs and ensembles in eastern Jutland; such as Cæciliakoret and Collegium Vocale and, lately, in Sct. Clemens Drengekoret (St. Clemens Boys' Choir) - this time as a bass singer. He has received vocal tuition for a number of years and has participated in countless workshops and singing courses all over Europe and thus has extensive experience both as an ensemble-singer and a soloist.
Jesper has been Per Passione's bass since early 2008.
Jesper Schneidelbach
Jesper Schneidelbach
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